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Kinesys performs comprehensive Regulatory Due Diligence for acquisitions, in-licensing and out-licensing projects for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as financial institutions.

Objective, detailed analysis and review of all relevant documentation is conducted in order to build sufficient trust in any potential deal.

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to review product files systematically and rapidly, according to pre-defined check lists.

CMC, non-clinical, clinical and regulatory reviews are performed to the highest industry standards in order to identify issues and assess products for potential success.

We can use our extensive network of industry contacts to help clients identify the best partners.


We can assist at all rounds of investment and we can advise on most product licensing deals,
from biopharmaceuticals to devices and diagnostics.

Examples of Successful Due Diligence Activities

We helped secure a double-digit, million dollar deal for the developing company from institutional and corporate investors.


Our review of the regulatory and technological challenges re-directed the programme and generated investment for candidate molecules.

We conducted an analysis of major aspects of the company, including technical, regulatory and development aspects, for the purpose of a potential acquisition by a major corporate player.

We analysed the viability of a novel technology, examined possible regulatory hurdles, and helped secure an investment by a major UK venture capital firm

Our analysis and report led to a multi-million dollar investment by a Middle-Eastern sovereign investment fund.